Business Coaching and Training Services

Life is about choices and how you proceed from here will determine your future as a business owner. As you assess your business coaching and training services needs, you have the choice of reviewing my services below or contacting me for a COMPLIMENTARY 30-minute consultation.

The choice is yours!

Private Coaching

This program is designed for business owners who want to expedite profitability and leadership growth in a one-on-one setting. With private business coaching and training services, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of your business in at least (11) eleven areas such as leadership, strategic planning, marketing, sales, human resources, etc. Then in a collaborative session, we will assess the results, discuss solutions and design a plan of action. It is my goal to ensure that as we work together, you build the skills and confidence to execute this process on your own. Ultimately, I want you to feel empowered as a leader to identify the root cause of your business issues, design solutions and then take ownership over implementation.

Minimum Duration: 6 months

Minimum Frequency: 1 session bi- weekly 

Method(s): One-on-One, Phone or Blend of Both*

*Cost of program will vary depending on the method you select.

Group Coaching 

This program is designed for business owners who may not have worked with a business coach before, thrives in a group setting and wants to join a community of fellow business owners. It is a 12-week business coaching and training services program where you will meet either virtually or face to face; depending on your location.

Minimum Length: 3 months

Frequency: 1 session weekly

Method(s): Face to Face* or Virtual Online

*In person program is only available in Atlanta, GA at this time.

Coaching Tools

If you are a business owner that wants to jump start your business, but is on a limited budget; then our affordable assessment and evaluation tools may be a good option to serve your immediate business coaching and training services needs. These tools work best with those business owners that can be objective as they learn about the root cause of business issues and how behavioral traits may factor in on any staffing issues.

The Business Assessment Evaluation (BEE) tool provides the business owner with a graphic representation of the business. This is a powerful tool for any business owner who is not sure where to make changes to grow or sustain the business. The BEE graphically shows the areas needing improvement, and allows the business owner to quickly make sustainable changes on your own without my personal services.

The Personal Behavioral Assessment Tool (PBA) is a great tool for the business owner who is struggling with hiring, training and retaining the right staff. Not only does this tool provide the business owner with insight into how his/her own personality and behavioral style impacts the business. It is also helpful in making better hiring decisions and training employees more effectively as well as reducing conflict in the workplace.

Do you not see a program or tool that suits your needs? Don’t despair…contact me!


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