About Monica Mulholland

At the age of 17, I immigrated from a small farm in Ireland to New York City and began working at a time when opportunities for women were very limited. Through education, perseverance, and a strong personal drive for success, I moved from an entry-level position to become a Trusted Advisor to Executive Leaders and Company Founders.

I believe every person has an opportunity to reach greatness. My role is to teach my clients how to identify their greatness, put a plan in action, and execute that plan!

I’ve taken lessons from 35 years of professional experience working primarily with Blue Chip Companies, both domestic and international, and developed them into a sustainable, guaranteed Individual and Business Services Company. I established ProSource Coaching as a way to pass my experience and knowledge on to individual clients and businesses so they too can realize their goals. My system’s focus is based on accountability and measurement, including a streamlined model for effectively realizing your dreams.

I want employees and business owners to know that they must empower themselves to become the master of their craft. In doing so, they too will achieve sustainability and long-term success.


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